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i want to eat swiss chocolate

I hate you guys for living in foreign countries and hitting on boys and stuff while I'm in Ambler!! AND THEN COMPLAINING ABOUT IT.

I will exact my revenge!!

Tags: 100% beef patty, asians, burritos, but i thought we hated indians, code names, egregious punctuation, fun with tagging, god that's sad, hilarious spam in the comment section, interests, jesus mary is annoying, killed by hamburgler, kind of slutty, mary thinks people like her, more sauce if i'm not mistaken, oddly prophetic, omg no, planning, spam, terrifying planetary alignment, there are adventures to be had!, this kid moved to china, vagina dentata, what, whining, who is this person, why are you doing this to me, why the hell are we taking this seriousl, yoga's not adventurous
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