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Team Adventure:

Let's Go!

Team Adventure: Let's Go!
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Team Adventure: Let's GO! is an elite crack team of the crack adventurer elite, founded by Gloria and Dave/Phil/Spongebob.

glortw is Dasisgut!
mossysloth is Commercial-At!
rejectedsakura is Rainbow Pony Magic
tropigalia is Clairvoyant Virgin in the Sands of Time
uselesstunes is Beefmaster Strife

Dan Lehman is Mr. Ampersand!
Lauren Schwartz is Dark Seamstress from the Fiery Depths of Hell
Alex Barlow is Infolithium Colon
Laura Lehman is Private Shelly
Alan Popoli is Nothing Rabbit!
"that's what she said!", adventures, adventuring, adventurousness, air fresheners, ambler, angst, anti-chorus teachers, anti-goths, anti-gross indian pastries, anti-ken, anti-lindsy, aura, bad touches, bdsm, beatniks, bed nests, being hip, being judgmental, being pretentious, being really fucking cool, being trendy, belly dancing, bisexuals, blue bell, bob, bondage, breasts, bumblefuck, cats, chastity, cigarettes, code names, coffee houses, confidence, corsets, cotton candy pink hair, crappy local music, cunnilingus, cunning linguists, dance dance revolution, dancing, demoting people, dildos, disliking pretty much everything, dominatrix, down by the banks, drag queens, dreadlocks, dying hair, elitism, ew ken, exclusiveness, feeling superior, food, french, gay boys, good music, good ska, gossip, gothic lolita, gothiness, greater india, hatching baby birds, homosexuality, honorary members, intelligence, interests, ken sucks, kvetching, lesbians, losers, making fun of people, mensches, missy elliot, mix cds, moshing, naughtyness, nocturne, nocturne sucks, open mic night, philosophy, pocky, polyglots, porn, pot, pqotd, queer as folk, rejecting lesser beings, rifling through people's things, riot grrl, road trips, robots, rocking out, rocky horror, scoffing, sex, shampoo, singing, skanking, skinny-dipping, spanking, spatula, stacker 3, studying abroad, sxe, t-shirt making, tampons, top gun, transvestites, vibrators, virgins, visual kei, wholesome adventures, witty humor, yaoi, yiddish, yoga